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Computers no older than 3 years old are required to run Onescreen™.  iPhone: iPhone 6 or greater; iPad: iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad 5th Generation or greater are required to run OneScreen™.
Computer or Apple IOS or Android device no older than 3 years old.
Apple IOS and Android devices no older than 3 years old.
Please contact with details regarding what anti-virus you use and we will walk you through the steps to allow iD to run.
iD only accepts authorized organization e-mail addresses. Be certain to use your School or approved company e-mail. If iD still refuses to allow you to create an account, please contact Acadental tech support at and we will ensure that you are able to access iD.
Yes!  Our free plan allows for users to try the 3D model and feed features of OneScreen.  Simply create your free account to view posted 3D content and study available 3D models.
When you log into Onescreen, you will be brought to the lectures screen. Select the File button from the top left to show the File Dropdown. From this menu, select Create a New Lecture. Once you have titled your Lecture, select Create and you will be brought into Edit mode with your new Lecture loaded.
While editing a Lecture, select Insert from the top menu bar, this will show the Insert Window. You can select models from here and add them to your lecture using the Insert button. You can also change the model category by using the menu on the left side of the Insert Window.