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Acadental Admin
March 01, 2019

iD Release

Acadental’s Digital Department is proud to announce the release of iD Lecture.  iD is a powerful real-time 3D presentation creation tool designed to enhance quality of information and engagement while presenting dental lectures, and has been under development for several years.

iD Lecture is currently free and comes with a content package of 3D digital models designed for dental license preparation. Additionally iD Anatomy was released today, and contains full sets of permanent, primary, and natural teeth, in addition to detailed facial anatomy models.

iD has several unique tools which give it the edge in dental presentations, specifically its feature and slicing system. These tools allow you to use predefined markers for features of each 3D dental model, and then slice into each model for a layer by layer dissection of each tooth. These tools, alongside more traditional presentation creation tools, are packaged well with the Animation and Notes timeline, allowing users to quickly make seamless animations.

Get your hands on iD for free today by visiting our Products page. iD is currently available for PC and Mac, and the iPhone and iPad version will be released soon. If you are interested in iD Anatomy, please contact us at